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About Us

Our company operating in tire industry in Turkey. Konlas founded by Mr. Ahmet Küçüksönmez started its operations in the name of Sönmez Ticaret first in 1979 as a small retailer in Konya city. In 1994 Konlas become a corporate company and take the name of ‘KONLAS OTOMOTİV LASTİK SANAYİ TİCARET A.Ş’

Konlas has several local dealerships between 1979-1997. Konlas started its’ foreign trade operations in 1997 and took the distributiorship of several world leading brands. Konlas has one of the strongest sales network in Turkey and become a top company. Customer satisfaction and customer trust are the main principles for us in order to reach long term businness goals.

Our company serves all over Turkey in PCR,TBR and Radial OTR.



To bring the best products in the tire sector to the market with many alternatives, to provide quality service by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level with all our employees, to make our company ‘the most preferred’ by making a difference with the understanding of continuous innovation, development and progress.


Konlas is a company that provides complete service at superior standards with its honesty and ethical business approach. Konlas, which currently distributes tires to more than 5,000 points in Turkey, will rapidly increase this number with its employees who have achieved this success and will move towards providing its customers with a fully equipped company.