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Triangle Tires’ European Headquarters is located in Milan, Italy and was established as part of the Globalization to All Regions Worldwide, which was launched in 2016 following the listing on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.Communication and marketing activities enable Triangle to increase brand awareness and become more attractive in the highly competitive European market.

Triangle is one of the world’s biggest tire manufacturers. Triangle Group produces 25 million tires annually and exports to 165 countries all around the world.Triangle allocates a large part of its sales revenues to research and development projects and modernization of its production facilities.

Triangle operates fully automated production in their high tech modernized facilities which are considered a benchmark for the tire industry. In order to achieve the best quality control, Triangle tires are manufactured in smart high tech factories where the production process is fully integrated with high technology.Triangle tire continues to work on new technologies, new compounds and safety systems in order to produce products that can perform well on all road conditions.

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, one of the world’s biggest tire manufacturers, has 57 factories in 23 countries. Goodyear has 72,000 employees on their factrories and innovation centers. Goodyear Lastikleri Türk A.Ş ,which is founded in 1961 as a subsidiary of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, manufactures Goodyerar,Fulda,Sava,Debica and Kelly brands in Adapazarı,Turkey. Goodyear Lastikleri T.A.Ş. is one of Turkey’s largest exporters and its shares are traded on Borsa Istanbul under the symbol “GOODY”.

Before joined the Continental group, Gislaved was a Swedish manufacturer on PCR tires. Gislaved was founded in 1893by brothers Carl and Wilhelm Gislow. They started producing rubber products in the municipality of Gislaved. In 1992, Gislaved became a wholly owned subsidiary of the German Continental AG.

Giti Tire has been operating in the tire industry for over 60 years. The company is one of the world’s biggest tire manufacturers and they serve customers in more than 130 countries. They have 7 research and development centers. 4 of them are located in Germany and the other 3 located in USA, China and Indonesia.Giti Tire has test center in the UK where they test the tires on different kind of road conditions. 

Giti Tire operates in 6 production facilities. 4 production facilities located in China, one in USA and one in Indonesia. They serve as one of the leading manufacturers all around the world with 30.000 employees and 70,000 sales points.

The Westlake brand is the flagship brand of Zhongce Rubber Group Co. LTD. ZC Rubber ranked among the world’s top 10 manufacturers and they produce Westlake OTR tires for the hardest conditions.

Otani Group was established in 1964 in Thailand. Otani group expertise itself on radial OTR and prove themselves on the toughest road conditions. In addition to radial TBR tyres, Otani produces PCR,OTR and agricultural tyres. Otani tyres’ quality is well proven on all around the world.